Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Arrow's Lead Actor Just got Married!

So most of you probably already know this but hey I’m blogger and I will still blog about this. A love and fame story of Stephen Amell who actually plays the lead in the CW’s surprisingly badass show Arrow, has tied the knot with Cassandra Jean, who was an America’s Next Top Model alumni from cycle 5!

Some of you ladies may say that “It’s so unexpected and surprisingly kind of event”, since Stephen was actually known as the bachelor’s man. Some of the fanatic ladies out there may be disappointed, but hey, common ladies the man was in love we can’t stop him from marrying him. Oh, anyway just so you know, you may watch Arrow online here in niceseries.com to view the full episode 10.

Unfortunately, everyone who've heard about the wedding was a little too late to send out gifts, as they got married in Christmas Day in Caribbean! Deets confirm that it was a sunset ceremony officiated by a good friend of the couple – small and intimate is the way to go!

So, after their holiday vacation in Carribbean, the married couple schemed to St. Bart’s for New Year’s celebrations. Stephen’s representative had no comment yet. So, just stay for more updates here on arrowholic.blogspot.com where you can watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 10 online this coming January 16, 2012 that you may visit here in niceseries.com to view full episode for this show.

So ladies let me ask you one question; “Are you upset or what?” Was this information makes you a little mad or do you think it’s sweet that Stephen Amell keeps his love life private? Just keep on watching Arrow because of the great and the interesting storyline and yeah, some great comic hero/villain character's too.

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