Thursday, 20 December 2012

Arrow Season 1 Episode 10: "Burned" Promo #3

Check out the all new episode promo of Arrow for the comeback episode this January 16, 2013 called "Burned". Below you may view a sneak peek for Arrow that will make you fans even more excited and thrilled to watch Arrow online here on

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Arrow Spoilers Fans, James Callis was casted as Dodger!

Previously, The CW revealed that they’re casting for the role of Dodger. Today’s newest casts of Arrow have been revealed to the public.

Battlestar alumn James Callis is set to tackle the role of the international jewel thief. To watch Arrow online you may visit to be updated and view the previous episodes of the show.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Arrow Cast Spoiler: Teen Wolf former cast Colton Haynes joins Arrow!

The most shocking exit cast member of Teen Wolf, Colton Haynes is set to grace your televisions once more in a bigger role on CW’s hit series Arrow! Haynes will soon be playing the role Roy Harper. Roy is to be the love interest of Oliver’s sister, Thea, where they might cross path in “an unexpected way.”

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Arrow Season 1 Episode 10: "Burned" Promo #2

Arrow 2012 will return on Jan 16, 2013 with all new episodes that surely makes all the fans of Arrow even more excited than ever. From the last episode which is mid-season finale of the show, Dark Archer has been revealed, and it is now confirmed that John Barrowman’s character as Malcolm Merlyn, it was rumored that he’ll be one of the biggest threat to Green Archer.  If you wish to watch Arrow 2012 online from previous episodes, you may visit to view all episodes from the start.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Get to watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 10: "Burned" Promo

Have you watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 online yet? Titled as “Year’s End” it is the episode that you shouldn’t miss because it’s just getting more interesting. You’ll find out if the copy cut of Arrow is who kills people that are out his list. He is determined to catch him and either put him in jail or kill him instantly. If you want to watch Arrow online you can visit where you may also view other hit TV Series that you all of would like to see.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Promo Poster of Arrow Season 1 Episode 9: "Year's End"

This Wednesday of December 12, 2012 we will see another episode of Arrow 2012 which will surely give you GOOSEBUMPS…! Arrow will be facing his toughest opponent yet that will certainly make it more exciting and interesting story.

Check out the “Year’s End” promo poster here below.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Arrow 2012 Spoilers : A Huge Mid-Season Finale

To all fellow Arrow fanatics out there, here is another spoiler that you should all know. A big mid-season finale is going to be aired soon, so, better tune in here for more. David Ramsey who plays the role of Oliver’s confidant diggle has spoils us for more info about the show.

So there’s this 3 major things that you should watch for this season finale:

Arrow’s Casting Spoiler Alert! Dodger Being Cast for Episode 15

Arrow spoilers just keep on coming especially with their castings of characters, now they’re looking for someone who could play the role of Dodger. If you remember in DC comics, Dodger is one of the villain and at the same time thief who deals with high-end merchandise who operates from London. He also steals and sells anything from information to advanced technology.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Spoiler Alert! Fellow Arrow Fans, John Barrowman Character Revealed

John Barrowman has been revealed, after learning that his Tommy Merlyn’s father from the last week’s episode which is called "Vendetta", Arrow Season 1 Episode 8.

Anyway, “THE WELL DRESSES MAN” will now futher be known as the father Tommy, Malcom Merlyn. 

Arrow Season 1 Episode 9: “Year’s End”

So still hung up from the last episode of Arrow especially when Helena says "Thanks, for the coffee and the sex”. Pretty hot, huh! Still we've got to move on, but if you haven’t seen this episode yet, you may now watch Arrow episodes online here on where you sure can enjoy the whole episode without a cost.

Here’s a sneak peek video for Arrow Season 1 Episode 9;

Monday, 3 December 2012

Arrow’s Cast Spoilers: Manu Bennet as Villain!

Here’s another spoiler for all of the fans of Arrow 2012, Manu Bennet was cast as the famous comic book’s alter ego, where he’ll be wearing the Deathstroke’s mask.

Manu Bennet plays the role of Slade Wilson, who in the comics eventually becomes a major villain, Deathstroke!

Arrow Spoiler ALERT! Title for Episode 14 plus the New Character

Arrow is now looking for another cast member that plays the famous DC universe character, Shado. Shado is the new character on the upcoming episode of Arrow, so who could it be? She is set to be as the young daughter of Yao Fei, in which saved Oliver’s life on the island in previous episodes. She will also have that familiar dragon tattoo we’ve seen throughout the show. To watch Arrow online episodes you may visit where you can watch the show completely.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Arrow 2012 casts; Jessica De Gouw as The Huntress

CW make it sure that Oliver Queen’s datebook will be full of familiar characters from DC Comics on the newest hit TV series, Arrow. The beautiful Jessica De Gouw plays the role of Helena Bertinelli also known as The Huntress and the only daughter of Frank Bertinelli. She was introduced in the show on its 7th episode where Oliver was force to date her. You may watch Arrow 2012 for free here on

“Vendetta” episode 8 of Arrow 2012

Here’s a new drama series with the modern retelling of the legendary character, Green Arrow. The series was based on the DC comics’ title published by DC Entertainment. It stars the handsome and fantastic Stephen Amell who plays the role as Oliver Queen/Arrow, and with him are Paul Blackthorne, Jamey Sheridan, David Ramsey and Collin Donnell and many other more. It is a sure exciting and much thrilling series that would make go crazy and addictive to the show.

From the previous episode which is the episode 7, Oliver’s mother got shot by a suspicious man and Oliver intends to find