Sunday, 2 December 2012

Arrow 2012 casts; Jessica De Gouw as The Huntress

CW make it sure that Oliver Queen’s datebook will be full of familiar characters from DC Comics on the newest hit TV series, Arrow. The beautiful Jessica De Gouw plays the role of Helena Bertinelli also known as The Huntress and the only daughter of Frank Bertinelli. She was introduced in the show on its 7th episode where Oliver was force to date her. You may watch Arrow 2012 for free here on

I believe that Jessica Gouw fits the character of The Huntress perfectly not just because of her beautiful face but because she has the talents to pull off the stunts of Huntress. Her character was to take revenge to the people, who killed her fiancée and destroyed her organized crime empire. She is also rumored to be the potential love interest of Oliver Queen a.k.a. Arrow. But Helena’s quest for revenge might just put her on a clash with Arrow.

Well, have you watched the episode where she was introduced? If you haven’t seen it yet, you sure need to watch it now, because in that episode she was really great. It was entitled as a “Muse of Fire”; just like I said it's the 7th episode of Arrow. You may watch Arrow 2012 online here on where you can sit back and enjoy the show without a cost.

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