Monday, 3 December 2012

Arrow’s Cast Spoilers: Manu Bennet as Villain!

Here’s another spoiler for all of the fans of Arrow 2012, Manu Bennet was cast as the famous comic book’s alter ego, where he’ll be wearing the Deathstroke’s mask.

Manu Bennet plays the role of Slade Wilson, who in the comics eventually becomes a major villain, Deathstroke!
As seen in flashbacks, Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen will form an ill at ease alliance on the island of Lian Yu. We’ll be sure seeing him in several episode of the show that each fan will enjoy and love to watch Arrow.

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Details for his official appearance has not been set yet, but it is most likely to be appear early 2013. We’ll see if Manu Bennet is going to be the coolest villain on the show. So, stay tune for more updates of the newest favorite TV series of the world, Arrow 2012.

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