Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Arrow Spoiler: Alex Kingston cast as Laurel's Mother

Arrow is just really full of surprises because Laurel’s Mother has been casted and it is Alex Kingston as Dinah Lance, she abandoned her family after her daughter Sara died while prancing with Oliver and now she’s back in Starling City in reuniting with her daughter. In the comic books where “Arrow” was based, Dinah is the original Black Canary and Laurel later for her mother. Is Alex Kingston will also play Black Canary? And of course, in the comics Dinah also dates Oliver Queen which I actually thought really weird especially with age gap. Oh wait we just want to remind you our fellow arrowholics that you can watch Arrow online here on niceseries.com where you can enjoy viewing the other most favorite show such Teen Wolf, TVD and many other more.

So anyway, let’s chit chat what is the original character of Dinah from the comics, as we all know she’s the original Black Canary, wherein she was highly trained vigilante expert in Judo, acting and impersonation. In later comics, she developed a superpower: a high pitched scream that could daze her opponents and even make them unconscious.

But of course, in the world of Arrow, super etc. don’t exist but there is always a chance that they might give it a little twist. Later on, Dinah passed the Black Canary torch to her daughter Laurel. Just so you know, in addition to her years on “ER” Kingston is also known for playing River Song on “Doctor Who.”

Ooops…! Before all of you get too excited for this news, of course let’s watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 11 online first because there are 4 more episodes before we’ll see Laurel mother appears on the show, you may visit niceseries.com to see this episode entitled “Trust but Verify”. You can also get Arrow updates only here on arrowholic.blogspot.com where you can get most detailed spoilers for the show. 

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