Friday, 18 January 2013

Arrow Season 1 Episode 11” Trust but Verify” Episode Guide

 Yes Ladies and Gents, Arrow is back on your television screens and computer screens, the proof is the 10th episode that aired last Wednesday January 16, and for all I know you may already seen it, but hey if some of you didn’t yet, as we always say here in our pages you can watch Arrow online here on with no hustle and you can enjoy the full episode for free.

So let’s have a recap for the 10th episode which was actually one exciting episode of Arrow; Because of his defeat against the Dark Archer and it really affected his ego and confidence, Arrow decided to take a break from being Arrow. Though, when his ex-girlfriend Laurel calls to help him investigate a doubtful death of a firefighter, he reluctantly agrees to her plans but his hesitance while fighting almost cost him his life. Meanwhile, Tommy throws a benefit for the firefighters and Thea tries to lift Moira out of her depressive state. Isn’t this episode just so exciting yet? Well, the next episode is sure much more exciting and interesting.

On Episode 11 entitled “Trust But Verify”; Arrow's next target on his list is the commanding officer of Diggle and mentor from Afghanistan, Ted Gaynor (guest star Ben Browder). He suspects that Ted is the responsible for recent armored truck robberies, but Diggle defends Ted and takes a job at Ted’s security company to keep an eye on him. But Oliver still makes his move on Ted where he investigates him, and this decision just puts him at odds with Diggle. On the other hand, Thea suspects that Moira is having an affair with Malcolm (guest star John Barrowman). Tommy and Laurel have an awkward dinner with Malcolm.

It is sure obvious that the title is about Oliver and Diggle faith to each and how much do they trust each other as good alliance? Is Diggle’s mentor, Ted, is really that bad for Oliver to suspect as a part of a truck robbery? Is Arrow/Oliver going lose his alliance yet? For you to find out what happens next episode stay tune for more updates and you may also watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 11 online on January 27, Wednesday at 8pm here on and like I’ve said you can view it all here for free and a hustle free.

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