Sunday, 27 January 2013

Arrow Season 1 Episode 17 Spoilers: Title Revealed!

Oh, Huntress, Huntress, Huntress is coming back on Arrow my ladies and gents. Well, gentlemen will be very excited to see her again on the show. It surely is one hell of a new episode; it is entitled to be “The Huntress Returns.”

From the last episode that we saw Huntress on the show, Oliver and Helena has developed a mutual understanding. Could this mutual continues when returns? Will they finally confess their true feeling towards each other?

Well, it a sure thing to be excited about, especially that there’s a possibility that our beloved vigilante get’s a new love interest in the character of Helena/Huntress. Oh, anyway this coming Wednesday with all new episode of Arrow will be airing, if you want to watch Arrow online you may visit to see the previous episodes up to the latest episode.

But do you know that there’s also new villain to come around on the show? Her name is China White played by Kelly Hu, while Deadshot which is played by Michael Rowe will come back from the dead. I wonder what kind of villain is China White… Hmmm, well from I’ve heard her character was also based on DC comics; of course, she’s the island where Oliver was stranded, though they didn’t really meet face to face.

Kelly Hu stated this from some of her interviews; “I’m already a black belt in karate, and I’ve studied weapons… The fight choreography, I have to say, is pretty brutal… And I get to speak Chinese in this as well. I’ve been studying a bit of that, so when this came up I was like, ‘Oh I can actually do this.’”

Hu also revealed to TVLine that although White doesn’t seem to have much going on right away, the writers have deeper plans for her:

“In the first episode, she comes out as the sort of right-hand man of the Chinese Triad, as sort of the assassin. It doesn’t seem like I say a whole lot in these first episodes, but later on you’ll see that there’s a bit more going on with her!”

Kelly Hu also played Deathstrike in 2003’s X: X-Men United, so it is no stranger to her playing a comic book character.

Are you excited to see these ladies to put it into action with our most favorite vigilante “Arrow”? Well, just be patient and we’ll see them both kick some ass. Oh, by the way you can watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 12online here on where you may enjoy the full video episode with no fee and hustle free. You can also keep updated with the latest spoilers and hottest topics about the show here on

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