Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Arrow Spoilers: Roy Harper Debut and Episode 16 Promo

Hey there fellow arrowholics, have you seen the Arrow Episode 16 yet? If you didn’t watch it yet, check it out here on with the complete episodes from its 1st episode. Colton Haynes dished out a few spoilers on his character ‘Roy Harper’s’ future, who first emerges in tonight’s episode.

He exposed that “With three episodes filmed so far, Haynes hopes that his arc allow him to be on the rest of the season. Until then, expect to see Thea “present [Roy] with an occasion to possibly get ahead in the Queen world” and expect a curveball or two in the Roy Harper tale. Oh by the way if you would like to watch Arrow online just feel free to view it here on, hustle free fellas.

Anyway, on whether or not he’ll play the good guy or the bad guy he revealed that “In the next three episodes there is a very, very passionate come across that kind of raises the question Roy Harper is going to look to Arrow or if he’s going to make some mistakes and instead of taking [Roy] under his wing Arrow might be going after him,” Haynes says.

“You’ll definitely have to tune in to see which way he goes.” 

Check out the promo for Arrow Episode 16 “Dead to Rights” here below;

But what do you think? Will Roy Harper be in the good side or against our hero/vigilante? You could watchArrow Episode 16 online here on and enjoy it with the full episode which will be airing next Wednesday at 8pm on The CW. Keep updated here on with the latest and hottest spoilers from your favorite cast especially from Stephen Amell.

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