Sunday, 17 February 2013

Arrow Season 1 Episode 19: Title Revealed!

Oh well, so far Arrow storyline is great especially with the previous episodes which The Betrayal and The Odyssey. At the episode 13 which is The Betrayal, Laurel got into a big trouble which actually cost his life. While Laurel father, Detective Lance make a trap and use her daughter as bait to catch Arrow or “The Hood” it’s what they call him. Then it got Laurel really mad at his father, after using her as the bait to catch the vigilante. On the other hand, Diggle was caught listening from the other side of the wall to Merlyn and Moira, yet somehow Oliver still didn’t believe that his mother is up to something illegal. Meanwhile, the community of the Starling City treats him as a murderer not as a hero. Get to watch Arrow Episodes online here in with the full episode video.

And how about the Episode 14 “The Odyssey”; Oliver made a confrontation with her mother, Moira as the famous vigilante Arrow.  Moira beg for her life and ask Arrow to spare her for her children. Then Arrow put down his arrow and bow, Moira shot him with a gun. Later on, Oliver asks Felicity’s help to take him to his father’s old warehouse. Then that where it started the flashback dreams from the island, while Diggle and Felicity trying to save his life. Anyway next week, we’ll be seeing the all new episode of the show and you can watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 15 online here in with the complete episode from start.

Check out the mid-season Extended Trailer here below;

Anyway, the title for Episode 19 has been revealed, “Unfinished Bussiness” which was written by Bryan Q. Miller is co-writing it with Lindsey Allen. With this title revelation just made a new mystery for the upcoming enthralling episodes… Argh! Just can’t wait for it!

Well now that Felicity was acknowledged that Oliver is the vigilante, Arrow, she does surely will become the new ally for Arrow. Oh by the way, if you don’t know this yet Colton Haynes will be introducing in the upcoming Episode 15 “Dodger” which actually I think pretty much exciting.

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