Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Arrow Spoilers: Episode 17 "The Huntress Returns" Promo

Uh… Oh…! Huntress is back! She’ll be giving Oliver/Arrow a headache with her coming back in action again in the new upcoming episode 17 “The Huntress Returns”. While Diggle suggest that Arrow should take care of her, but Oliver don’t want that to happen. So Arrow needs to find ways to make her stop, before she gets killed. You may watch Arrow Episodes online with here us on to view the full episode of the Arrow.

So from the previous episode we’ve seen; Tommy celebrates his birthday with his friends, Oliver, McKenna and with his girlfriend, Laurel; Merlyn came in to greet Tommy happy and asks him to come to an event where Merlyn is being honored for what he’s done to the Starling City, but Tommy refuses to go which made Merlyn very disappointed. Meanwhile Oliver and Diggle learn that Deadshot (guest star Michael Rowe) is still alive and his next target is Malcom. And Oliver struggles to balance his new relationship with McKenna and his duties as Arrow.

Now check out the next all new episode 17 “The Huntress Returns” Promo:

Here’s the official synopsis of Episode 17; with his nightclub set to open and a new romance brewing with McKenna, Oliver is as happy as he’s been since returning to Starling City. But when Oliver’s ex, The Huntress, abruptly returns to town, she threatens to destroy everything and everyone he cares about. Meanwhile, Laurel and her father struggle with the return of Dinah Lance who claims she has proof Sara is still alive. Thea gets Roy Harper a job at Oliver’s club, but he’s not too tending to stop his life of crime. Oliver and Tommy are thrilled they were able to get Steve Aoki to play at the opening of their new nightclub, Verdant.

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