Friday, 22 March 2013

Arrow Episode 17 Recap: Helena Gone Wild

It’s not always a good thing when an ex girlfriend back into your life, but it certainly did wonders for last night’s episode 17 “The Huntress Returns”. Though some arrowholics out there weren’t really a fun of Helena (especially when we were sympathize with her poor blubber stories) she actually play the “psycho ex girlfriend” very well. Anyway, to watch Arrow Episodes online you may visit with the full and complete set of episodes.

From the previous episode, Oliver just spilled his secret out to Tommy who’s not very pleased. Now, it seems he’s ready to take some time off, after asking his girlfriend, McKenna to be his date to the grand opening of his new club. So, strolled into work late and told his buddy Diggle that he’ll be taking a break from catching bad guys. While taking his off, but something went wrong when Diggle tells him that Helena goes undercover to lure her father’s lawyer in the “VIP” room, where she tortures him to tell him where is his dad hideout; though he doesn’t know which she believes but she kills him anyway.

Meanwhile, Oliver is worried that Helena will spill the beans about his identity and asks Diggle to look into what motivated her return. He doesn’t have to wait long to find out.

Then Oliver heads home and finds Helena chatting with Thea. Naturally, he’s a little disturbed. After agreeing to hire Thea’s friend “Roy” at his club, to make long story short: Thea runs into Roy in the glades. He calls her a bitch; she offers to get him a job at his brother’s club. Awww, isn’t that sweet?!!!! With Thea out of earshot, Helena explains that her evil dad – so if you can remember, Oliver won’t let Huntress kill her father; is about to cut a deal with the justice dept. that will get him out of prison into witness protection. Helena is having none of it. But before he can kill his father, he needs to kill a ton of U.S. Marshals. So she needs Oliver to help, though he doesn’t bite. 

Helena, never one to take rejection lightly, threatens Oliver’s family before leaving.

Awww yeah… Flasbacks to the island: Slade and Oliver are trying to figure out how to get Fryers’ missile-launcher Oliver off-handedly says it’d be easier to get to it if they could they just get all the soldiers in one place and take them out, and Slade decides to do exactly that. With men down, Slade decides to blow up the missile but again, Oliver had another brilliant idea where he takes out the circuit board, and tells Slade the launcher won’t work without it. This means, its leverage.

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