Thursday, 14 March 2013

Arrow Casting News: It’s Confirmed, Colton is now a Regular!

So, after of all those confusion on whether or not Colton Haynes will be made a series regular for Season 2 at PaleyFest, It has now officially been confirmed that he will be on-board with full regular status! Yes! That’s right my fellow arrowholics, excited for what’s next on the show? Well, you can watch Arrow Episodes on where you may enjoy the full episode and previous episode with no hustle.

Roy has only appeared in one episode so far, but judging by the Green Arrow comics we will be seeing a whole lot more of him in the future! He will be sure a big catch for the show, all of the fans is sure wishing that they see more of him often, especially when his with Thea Queen.

“I think Roy could definitely be an asset to Oliver’s life, but I think in a way it could also be the way around”, Colton told Zap2It on-set recently. “Oliver could have a lot of influence on the way that Roy sees life from here on out.”

Colton Haynes now joins the ranks of Emily Rickard’s recent bumped up regular status as Felicity Smoak.

Next will be the comeback premiere of the series before the season finale, so, for you to watch Arrow Episode 17 online catch it here on with the full episode that you will surely enjoy for free. See ya Arrowholics!

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