Thursday, 9 May 2013

Arrow Spoiler Interview: Marc Guggenheim dishes on the Finale and for 2nd Season!

Hey, ladies excited for the Finale of this greatest series that you will surely entertained, Arrow boss Marc Guggenheim dished out some spoilers on just where the show will be heading in its final episode and beyond! You may check out what he had to say below. 

Oliver and issues about his mother… Since Oliver learns his mother’s secrets, Guggenheim stated that “There’s still a couple of secrets that will be kept between Moira and Oliver that we save for the finale but (episode) 22 really builds upon the forward momentum between Oliver and his mother that comes to a head in 22 and continues to reverberate through 23″. Anyway, just so you know you may watch Arrow Episodes online here on with the full episode that you may fully enjoy.

Moira and Malcom’s relationship status… “Everything on the show will change in the wake of the season finale. One of the things that we always try to do on the show is not stay in stasis and never just tread water” Marc said this when he was asked about the topic. He also added that “We’ve been talking about Season 2 and there’s plenty of stuff (Moira and Malcom wise) to play going into the future.”

Is Laurel and Oliver back together? … And Guggenheim answered that “The whole love triangle is turning the heat up even further into (episode) 22 and leading into the finale”.

About the past back in the island Shado and Oliver thing? “Basically with the flashback stories, we’re driving to a finale much in the same way we are driving to the finale”. 

For Diggle’s mission of revenge fulfilled? “We’ve been in the writer’s room working on season two and we have a really great storyline worked out with Diggle dealing with Deadshot and his quest for revenge. We had so much going on in these last episodes of the season; we didn’t want to give it short shrift so it’s fully developed in season two”.

Thea and Roy will still be on? Following Ollie meeting Roy in episode 22, Guggenheim said that there will be “major consequences for Roy and Thea’s relationship” now.

Tommy’s path... “The events of (episode) 22 really set up Tommy’s storyline in 23 and it’s all related to his dad and Laurel and Oliver”.

Season 2′s new direction... Next season “we’re looking to do some more really focused storytelling. The one thing we always say is if you look at comic book storytelling, they have large casts of characters. It’s part of the scope and epic quality of the kind of story that we’re trying to tell so in many ways growing our cast is inevitable”. Guggenheim further added that “as a writer, having talented actors to write towards and write for always makes your life easier and just making sure that everyone is serviced. That’s always the tricky part”.

Major Death coming to Startling City… Marc played coy to this topic by stating that it’s “Dangerously spoiler!” and added that fans will “know the answer to that question by the end of 22″.

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