Thursday, 4 April 2013

Arrow Season 1 Episode 20: "Home Invasion" Extended Promo

Wow! Bad guys just keep on coming back on Arrow, Deadshot Fires Off in a new round in Starling City – Deadshot comes back to Starling City after taking down a U.S. Ambassador and six others overseas. By keeping tabs on A.R.G.U.S’s manhunt for the assassin, Oliver, Diggle and Felicity learn that a sting operation is underway to capture Deadshot – alive.  On the other hand, Diggle is determined to see his brother’s killer dead with or without Oliver’s help. Meanwhile, Laurel takes drastic steps to protect a young witness, worsen friction between Tommy and Oliver (Oh... uh… Tommy’s going to be Oliver frenemy).  By the way for you to watch Arrow Episode 20 online you can visit with the full episode. 

Later, Roy Harper strangely decided to pursue all leads to find his hero, though before he can even get close of doing it seems that he’ll be in a lot of trouble; wherein he actually runs afoul of Detective Lance. In the flashback, Oliver recalls the memory of how Shado helped him incrementally gain confidence with a bow and hit the target for the first time. 

Below here is the latest episode 20 “Home Invasion” promo;

Last Wednesday, we’ve seen the episode 19 “Unfinished Business” in which we’ve witness Arrow saved Roy Harper from the vigilante called “The Savior”. While Dinah is determined that her daughter Sara is still alive, yet after her help to investigate she got disappointed that the woman in the picture was not her daughter.  To see this episode you may visit to watch Arrow Episodes online with the complete episodes that you enjoy anytime.

So this coming Wednesday, April 24 - 8pm on The CW Arrow Episode 20 will air and you better watch out for it. You may visit to get all updates and hottest spoilers news for arrow here.

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